The Cube…done

The first test on my road to becoming a watchmaker was to hand file a piece of brass into a cube

And here it is. 14mm in every direction (actually just over to a tolerance of 0.08mm) and 90 degrees at each corner with an even grain on each face

I haven’t used a metal file to any measure of tolerance in over 30 years so this is quite something for me. At the beginning of the week, I wondered if the task might be beyond me. With the help of my tutor, I was able to find the knack of keeping even pressure as the metal came off and, by the start of the third day, I’d found my confidence 

It may not seem much but to me it means a lot. It means I may have the makings of a watchmaker 

My first test passed


Day 2. The Cube

Take a lump of brass

Now file it and polish it into a perfect 14mm cube

I’ll finish it tomorrow. Hopefully 

Day 1

And so it begins 

I’m not going to lie to you, this morning was like Christmas as I unboxed my WoSTEP tool kit. Lots of Bergeon goodies to drool over

They’ll be getting hard use as I play catchup with my fellow students. They’re 3 weeks ahead of me but, with a little effort, I’ll soon be level pegging 

Now about that project watch…

No going back

So that’s it. I am no longer an IT project manager. 

I’ve done my last day at my old desk and signed my new contract. I’m a watchmaking student. What happens next, only time will tell 

You’ll know because I’ll post it here