Time for a change…

In February 2016 I attended the assessment day at the British School of Watchmaking, with a view to starting their 2 year WoSTEP training course.

The standard on the day was incredibly high and it came as no surprise to be told that, though I had achieved a sufficiently high mark, I was not one of the top 8 applicants and had therefore been unsuccessful. 

I’ll admit to being disappointed but no problem, I’ll develop my skills and apply again next year. 

This week, I received an email. Someone had dropped out of the course, would I still like to attend?

Opportunity knocks…..

Of course, I said yes. School starts on 5th September but, due to having to give notice to my employer (and sort out some personal admin!), I start on 26th September.

I’m in my 40s and I’m going back to school. 

I’m no longer an IT project manager.

I’m going to be a watchmaker and this is how I’m going to do it…